Sunday, September 07, 2008
Last night I headed out to watch some Improv Comedy with some gal pals. This is something I had put on a 'list' last summer (I like to make list of places I want to go around town, things I want to do etc so I don't end up doing the same thing each time I go out). I was a little nervous about heading out to see any sort of comedy act because I know from glimpsing some of the specials on TV, they don't always come away as being clean fun. I was SOOOO impressed by this group I went out to see! They play regularly in Addison, but they do shows all over (they are for hire as well). Last night they were at this little place called the Stone Cottage. It seats about 50 people, they sell soda, candy bars etc, and basically do a version of Who's Line Is It Anyway....the super clean edition. It lasted about two hours, was audience involved (but only if you choose to be,it was complely safe for those of us who don't want to be center stage), and loads of fun. I'd definitely recommend it.

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Msheepers said...

Sounds neat!

I don't go comedy shows any more because of a couple I attended many years ago that were full of crude jokes and foul language. I believe I walked out of both of them.

That's great that you were able to find one that was both clean and funny!