Blogging Drought

Saturday, October 25, 2008
I have been so busy, I have not returned calls, I have not checked emails, I've been out of work two days (preplanned), AND I have NOT even written on my blog. ::Gasp!:: I'm back. I was thinking about going and smashing a few of my fingers with a hammer so I can concentrate on the pain somewhere other than my very swollen feet that have been standing on hard tile for most of the last three days. This week I've been working on a wedding (well, for about six months, but more so this past week). I absolutely adore the couple-Kelly and Greg. My Mom has been good friends with Kelly's Mom since we were in grade school....and I happen to think Kelly and Greg are great-laid back, friendly, sweet natured, in love and respectful of each other and those around them. We've been meeting over the last few months, and I've been helping with the wedding details. we go....

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