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Monday, October 20, 2008

What does this bear have to do with my health? Nothing really. I stopped by the Baylor Bear Pit on the way home from Austin last week, and took a picture of one sleeping on her back with her cute little paws poking up in the air, but I did find out today that my surgeon did his undergraduate work at Baylor....which I guess leads me to my next point. I know, big surprise-I met with a surgeon today and he suggest I have surgery.....will wonders never cease. So, I booked it, or rather, myself for November 17th around 8 am-ish. I am not terribly happy about this, in fact, it would be fair to say if I thought about it a whole lot I'd be pretty unhappy about it. I've been praying about it. This past weekend in church the pastor was discussing how unique we each are, and how each of us has a role in this world that nobody else can fulfill, much like each body part has a unique role. I'm am a little perturbed that my gallbladder went on strike. I was hoping I'd get to keep it because we've been together almost thirty years, and we have been getting along pretty well up until a few weeks ago, but I also don't want anything to risk my health further. I brought all my knowledge I've gained over the last week or so of research, and he seemed pretty unimpressed, though he listened, and then he told me what I figured he would say. On Oct 29th I have a visit with 'my' regular doctor in which I plan to bring forth the same case I tried to make today, so who knows.... I am grateful for the prayers, and I have to say that if these are the answer God is providing through doctors,and I know that I have great friends in prayers, I need to put my trust in these decisions and move forward unless I hear otherwise. I understand rationally, this is not a 'big deal' surgery, but it's my body, and so it's a big deal to me. The last few weeks I've been feeling so much better, and I haven't had any sort of pain associated with my gallbladder in over a week, it's hard to choose to have surgery when I'm feeling healthy, but I guess the point is I need to stay healthy, and thus-the surgery is the best choice....I think.

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Bonnie Matthews said...

Hello. I read your blog about your pending/possible gallbladder surgery. If you are interested you can read about my last 2 years of gallbladder issues and surgery 3 weeks ago and how great I feel now without it. I know, it seems strange having to part with something that God planned for all of us to have....but I feel SOOOOOO much better if it helps, feel free to read my story:

Good luck!