Black Friday Bass Pros Shop

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yup....I'm one of those people that gets up at 3:30 to hit the 4 am sales. This year I hit a 4 am sale, and then I woke my brother up because he had mentioned he wanted to go to the Bass Pro Shop sale, he probably didn't think I'd actually go, but....I was done with my shopping by 5:30, so I swung by and got him, and we headed out. I thought that Bass Pro Shop would be the last place most people visited the day after Thanksgiving (it was opening at 6 am though, which gave us 4 am shoppers time to get there). When we pulled up there was a serious lot full of trucks (some WITH their boats), and a line extending past the (very large store) and down the sidewalk that ran along the highway. There was even a five piece BAND playing Christmas music outside the store while we waited. My question was-what in the world were all these people HERE for? Jason wanted a hoodie and some jeans, but seriously, if I weren't already out, I wouldn't have been there. We made it into the store, shopped around some. My big purchase was fresh, hot, honey-glazed cashews (breakfast) from a stand with nuts and coffee brewing. Jason bought clothes, and some fishing 'stuff'....and as we stood in line (maybe 15 minutes, compared to the hour and a half lines I've been in before on Black Friday)....sure enough, all the people in line around us seemed to have come for the clothes. Maybe it's the only way most people could get their husbands to go shopping that early? So'll probably be my first and last Black Friday Bass Pro Shop experience, but was interesting! I took a few pictures with my phone because it was just so strange. They even were 'preparing' for a visit from Santa who was going to be stationed in front of the large tank of catfish, along the windows facing the lake.

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