Highway to Houston

Monday, November 17, 2008

I've made the drive to Houston a bunch, and I've never considered the fact that I don't have 'stops' along I-45, like I do along I-35. I definitely need my 'stops.' This time I tried to find a few. It looks like there will soon be a Buc-Ees in Madisonville, which I hear is supposed to be pretty fabulous (with great bathrooms :O)). Thanks for that tip, Jodi, I can't wait to implement it into my road trip, maybe on the way to The Woodlands. (I love gathering ideas from blogs). This time I very carefully read the signs to find the 'perfect' stops. I bypassed good ol' Sam Houston, though his statue is definitely a landmark along the trip. I tried out 'the jerky capital of the world' this time: Woody's, in Centerville....it was a lot of dead, dried meat....maybe not the place for me. They were very busy, and sure enough there was lots of meat, along with fudge, and pickled everything, pies, bread, butters, and jams, but it was no Czech stop. Sooooo...any hints on the highway to Houston?

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Msheepers said...

We always stop about halfway in Buffalo - Exit 178 - at the Exxon (which includes a TCBY, Pizza Inn Express, and Church's Chicken).

And we sometimes stop at the Exxon in Palmer (south of Dallas) to fill up b/c they usually have cheap gas.

(Oh, and Jason wanted me to point out our occasional stop at Exit 79 in Conroe to shop at Hastings.)