My Cranium is Tired

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Oh, what a day. I ran some errands Saturday morning, then drove across town for Maggie's birthday lunch with my old church group (I'm still looking for a 'new' church group, but we often get together with the old pack). Two pals announced their engagement, yeah for weddings! (Nobody from the group has my page address, so....I can announce it here, which also means anyone reading doesn't know the couple, but....just noting, the line of weddings...and shower continues for me. :O)It's fun to fill life with celebrations!). Then I ran across town to meet Sandye for coffee. She had decaf because she is currently expecting. :O) She finished announcing her pregnancy last night to the 'rest' of the crowd, so I can finally publically say I'm excited for her! She looks great (no pictures, so you will have to take my word for it), but I'm not such a Houston fan now, one more baby to travel to. :O( Fortunately, her family is in town, so I'll get to see them for holidays when she heads up. I'm also excited about throwing her a 'Dallas' shower in late spring, according to Jewish tradition, no showers can be thrown before a baby is it'll be a rare shower where a baby is a guest as well (outside the womb)! After coffee I headed out to meet up with Kelly's family, and friends for her birthday dinner. Life is funny, we had call ahead reservations, but it still took them an hour to get us seated through a comedy of errors. To compensate for the wait, the restaurant provided a free appetizer. Kelly chose mussels. I did not partake. We ate a great dinner, then headed back to my house for a loud game of Cranium and cake. As everyone was leaving Kelly started complaining that she didn't feel very well, and then she made a dash for the door... It turns out she had a bad mussel and got food poisoning. Irony....compensation for an unpleasant experience leads to another unpleasant experience! I don't know yet how the rest of her evening went, but it was fun through that point!


Msheepers said...

Oooo - I am so sorry for Kelly! Hope she gets over it soon. (And glad you didn't partake!)

Sounds like it was quite a [busy]day!

Thomas Family said...

Just reading all the things that you do in a day makes me tired. And people say the same about us, though I feel like my schedule is tame in comparison