#1 Winter Lake Lavon

Monday, December 29, 2008

And so it begins...Today I took my camera out to the lake for a spin. I wanted to play around with the macro (very fun), angles, and colors. This is my unofficial resolution, improve my camera skills. I'm not really into (unnecessary) commitment (a personal issue, I know), so let's just say over the next....hmm 365 days or so I plan to go on some purposeful, picture taking outings. Even unofficial goals need a way to measure their success, so let me throw a number out there like...50 purposeful photo outings, and then I'll feel I've put my heart into improving. Back to outing number #1. There aren't too many 'fun' colors in the winter months, but still, I had a good time. Jason took the opportunity to go fishing, and practiced his fly casting for next week's family trip up to a river in Oklahoma for Trout Fishing....for Jason, and reading, shopping and sight seeing for Mom and I. This isn't 'the best picture', but if I had to put the day in a photo, this would be it. Jason did 'knot' have a lot of success catching fish today. This isn't his string, but it did fascinate me, and I spent a lot of time trying to get all it's messyness in a picture. I later saw Jason having an encounter with this same bush as he tried to talk it out of eating his string. He lost that battle. Other losing battles for me today involved birds. I forget they can fly when I'm going after them with my lense, and landscape scenery, just nothing exciting came of those shots. I finally went back to Jason's tackle box and started pulling out his army of fishing supplies and snapping some of those critters. The one thing I do love is all the details the camera picks up, it even got some 'sap' on these 'things' I caught in a picture. I have a few others at the following link.

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I LOVE the Mickey head shape of the cones