On the 5th Day of Christmas...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I spent a little time in Santa's Workshop today. I began this project yesterday at my friend Terry's house. She has an impressive arsenol of wood working tools for her crafts....or as her husband says, her craps. Yesterday I was on the ground working with the scroll saw while she used her band saw (I had to use my new 'terms' here), and we carved out the pieces to this project (and more), and then I sanded down all my pieces. Today I came back for the painting and constructing. Terry found this cute 'template' for Jesus at a craft fair. I got an angel at the same time, so she is working on making herself one of my angels, and I spent the day working on constructing baby Jesus in His manger. He's finally assembled (though a little wobbley) and my goal now is to put Him next to the Christmas tree as a little reminder to self this season. I like it! When I was finished constructing I next moved on to using some scrap wood. The penmenship needs some work (it's a learning process, and thank you to Terry for the patience as I plow forward), but for 'free' pieces, I'm OK with the end product of this little piece as well. My goal this next year is more wooden projects....and more homemade gifts for everyone next year.

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