Beavers Bend, Oklahoma

Sunday, January 04, 2009

This weekend I headed up to Southeast Oklahoma with the family. I'm on the lookout for a new park now that Lake Murray is being renovated. Beavers Bend definitey has a lot of fun personality. It's not the 'same,' but it's really neat in all it's own individual ways. The drive up was really peaceful. We headed down little country highways with few trucks. We passed a lot of places that 'used to be'...something, but are now vacated. It always makes me a little sad to see the small towns that once were....and to wonder about their stories. Beavers Bend Resort is located near the city of Broken Bow, Oklahoma. It is, again, what I would consider to be a relatively small town (this from a born and breed city girl), but it's definitely the largest you find for quite some time. It has a Walmart, so that says something about it's size. On Friday we spent most of our time exploring Beavers Bend. Everything is quite spread out, but it looks like there is a lot to do in the spring and summer months. There is a river they stock with Trout every other week with lots of fly fishermen trying out their flies.

The river feeds into a really large lake with different watersports, and hiking offered up among the hills and mountains. It is part of a National Forest as well. I got to see a lot of deer, a variety of birds, and my good old friend, the raccoon....oh, and don't let me forget the rainbow trout, I saw tons of those leaping along the river driving the fishermen crazy, and quite a few dangling from hooks as well. Saturday, Mom and I went into town and explored the city of Broken Bow, more specific the historic main street.

So much was closed for the season, or at least for the weekend, and things that were opened had very limited hours. I did find the cutest Quilt Shop with a really fabulous owner (and "just" the fabric I was looking for), and we ate lunch at this little tea room called "The Pie Lady." Lunch was fine, but the pie was the best slice of pie I've ever had (chocolate), I don't eat a lot of pie, but still.... I'd highly recommend a stop there to grab a pie. We had dinner at a place called The Hill Steakhouse. Again, it was great food, and I forget what it's like not to be 'rushed' through a meal, it's an adjustment, but a nice reminder about the pace of life. The rest of the weekend was spent exploring Beavers Bend, our cabin was great with a great fireplace, all sorts of goodies for cooking (which we did the rest of the weekend), and heat/ac. I took a ton of pictures I'm going to go through and post later, and Jason did a lot of fishing. I definitely plan to head back in the future. I can't wait to see Beavers Bend in the spring/summer!


Charles and Heidi said...

Our niece Laura and family went to Beaver's Bend last fall, stayed in a cabin and put together the most beautiful bound book of all their photos. You must see it!! Our builder went with his extended family over Christmas. I want so badly to go someday! Thanks for posting all the great info of what to do in town.

Christy said...

I would love to see her album. It looks like it would be a really fun filled place in the spring/summer as well. It was beautiful, and it was only a three hour drive. The cabins were completed equipped with all the necessities to help save some money on eating out as well! I keep travel journals with good...and bad choices for shopping and eating, so I would remember for the next time, I figured it might be helpful (to myself) and others if I went ahead and logged some of those details on my blog. I love those fun finds!