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Monday, January 19, 2009

Finally! I finished an 8x8 scrapbook I took the pictures for last spring, bought the stickers for this summer, and began the album for last fall (I'm pretty sure this is a grammatically inaccurate sentence, but it's my blog, my grammar rules). It is a short album from my quick Disney trip, but it took me forever to get it together, and so goes the line of scrapbooks in waiting. My other interest have taken my time. Sunday I went over to my pal Amber's house and we scrapbooked, and talked, it was a nice evening, and it made the scrapping so much more fun. I can also check the album off 'the list.' My pictured page (from the 'future' area of Epcot) has absolutely no Disney Stickers, but just know, the rest of it is a flood of Mickey stickers. My pal Kelly came along for the journey to Disney (a quick side trip on the way to Maurine and Derek's wedding), but she abandoned me in the scrapbook making process (yes, I'm documenting her scrapbooking abandonment HERE). I hope to pull out my 2008 album soon as the 'next' scrapbook project, which will then lead to my album from last summer's trip, I can't WAIT to work on that album, which is why I am making myself wait...or it'll be 2012 when I'm trying to rebuild my memories from 2008 to piece together the album! The next big project on the agenda is a quilt. I'm headed to a retreat in a few weeks, so I need to pull out my fabric, and get out the iron and cutter so I'm a little ahead of the game, so I can keep up with the other players at the retreat. I also am starting another wedding flower order. I have not decided what I plan to do regarding flowers when it comes to flowers for people beyond my friends, but for now I'm taking the jobs as they come along, and they fit into my schedule, nothing serious. I'm not looking for a second job as much as something I can enjoy away from my first job, life is too short to be too busy due to monetary draws and obligations!

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