Lent...or Something Close to It

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Nope....I haven't converted to Catholosism, but I started my own form of fasting during Lent back in college. Easter is overlooked far too often in the commercial world, and I don't want it to be forgotten in my life...ever! Easter is a big deal! This six week 'fast' reminds me each time I 'deny' what I think I want-I need to refocus on what I truly need. If only it didn't take Lent to bring this about! This year I chose a true addiction-something I consume even more than bread (it's purely calories that prevents equal bread consumtion in my life)---->Diet Coke (and other sodas). I could walk around with an iv drip of Diet Coke and still want more. I've been in a pretty serious relationship with Diet Coke since high school. It's really hard for me to break up and see how we are going to do without each other. I had a slight moment of insanity where I tried to rationalize this not being a good decision, I mean-how stable is the economy right now? What if I am the cause of Coke going bankrupt? Breath in, breath out, focus on your happy place, Christy....you are now at Mrs. Baird's Bread Factory-a new batch of loaves is just leaving the oven....I have a feeling this is not the last you will hear about this! OK....starting today-cold turkey-no more Diet Coke until Easter. A headache is coming on just thinking about it.


Unknown said...
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Msheepers said...

How's the Diet Coke fast going?