Pasta Salad

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm a girl that loves her carbs, I consider myself a good judge of pasta salads ;o). I had this pasta salad a month ago at a luncheon, and the gal who made it was sweet enough to share the was soooo delicious. It just takes a box of cooked bow tie pasta, a small can of drained, sliced olives, about 8 cherry tomatoes (more if you like them), a small handful each of equal amounts chopped spinach, cilantro, and parsley, a medium onion, chopped, one container of feta cheese, and a few tablespoons of light balsalmic vinegar dressing. Chill, and then pour more dressing over the salad right before it is served. It's YUMMY, and easy to make. It was a big hit amongst us gals.

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Msheepers said...

That sounds really good!