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Sunday, February 08, 2009

This weekend I went on my second retreat. It is so nice to start...and (pretty much) finish a project in a weekend! I LOVE 'finishing' things, I feel so accomplished. My goal was to NOT get more fabric until I've used up what I have (oops)....I failed at that, but it was worth a weekend away for this experience. This time there was a different group of ladies (some of the same). Most of the gals at this particular retreat were older than me, but I must first say, I LOVE quilters. They are so kind, you will feel like you've gained a big sister by the end of the weekend. They are all so helpful, and willing to teach, and administer tips. I feel like I've made some great friends this weekend, and I can't wait to see them again. It's a pleasure to be a part of this world. I also loved being with so many experienced quilters because I just LOVED to see what all they were turning out, and to listen to them tell their stories, talk about their families, and inspire laughter! When I look at my quilts, I think about those memories attached to each quilt, and each lady who left their impact, and I really DO feel like there is a piece of me in the quilt (good or bad, but never indifferent). I think this is the sign of a good hobby! Now onto the details....
I love the machines at the top of this blog entry, so many of the ladies have these antique Singers, and they are PRECIOUS....AND THEY WORK! Someday...
And below, this is the Inn we stayed at this weekend in Van Alystyne-the quilt store was attached to the Inn, so we were able to shop and sew (this can be a good, or a bad thing, depending on your self-control, and checkbook balance). The Mother-In-Law was a part of this retreat, so we had the luxory of standing in the store at 12:30 AM shopping in our PJS...such a fun experience each night. I loved the big porches (upstairs, and down). There is a big room for the work tables, a kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

This is one of many bedrooms, there are some with larger beds, but for the most part each quilter got to select a room, and a quilt to sleep under.

I sewed until 3 am Friday, woke up on Saturday at 8 am, and quilted ALL day, minus quick food stops, and one walk through the town. Most of the stores were closed by the time we started walking about, but I always love walking through cute little towns. We did eat at the Durning B and B on Friday night, and it was good.

On to what I did....this is from fabric I bought last July "Flutterby"...I posted the fabric pile at the time, but now....I've ironed, cut, sewed, ironed, sewed, ironed, cut, sewed, ironed, sewed, ironed, cut, sewed, ironed....the pattern is called '9 Easy Pieces' (each block has nine different sized pieces sewn together, then each of those blocks were sewed to another block until I had a row, which I then attached to a row etc etc etc).....and it should fit a queen size bed. The next step is to take this top piece, and the bottom piece (not picture, but shades of blue) to a quilter.....and then when I get it back, I sew on the binding, at that point you can stick a fork in me because I'll be done...with this quilt. "My Quilt"

A close-up of some of the fabrics (it reminds me of the 60's)...

What's next? There is a really classy lady who has been quilting longer than I've been breathing (and then some), and she brought all her 'scraps' and taught us how to make this 'scrap' quilt. I loved it because all the pieces are a part of her past quilts. This is her sample quilt.

She gave me some strips from her pile, and I bought the 'base' fabric to put it on, and I sewed my first square, this way I will know what to do when I get ready to make this quilt (very different from anything I've ever done). I love it because now my quilt will be merged with a pretty incredible ladies quilts! Someday you will see the rest of this, but I have to make it first, which probably won't be for quite some time! P.s. My friend Kelly said she didn't like the colors-that is the point with this particular quilt-contrast, contrast, contrast. It will look much better when it's all put together, so stay with me on this one until it's 'finished.'

And now....a nap!

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