Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beaversbend, OK-Spring Edition

This weekend Mom, Jason, Holly, and I headed up to Beaversbend, Oklahoma....again. Jason spent his whole time fly fishing, and we....didn't, so he doesn't get any blog time ;o). The girls basically drove, and walked around the park (it was Holly's first time, so we showed her a few things we discovered on our past visit). The dogwoods were just starting to bloom, and some 'purple' trees were also in full glory. Holly and I made our way through a small brook, and over a large tree which was a fun, wet adventure.

We also discovered a really great homemade fudge shop a few miles outside the park entrance called the Whip Poor Will, yum, and we tried out the restaurant inside the park next to the Nature Center. I had low expectations, just because of past experiences elsewhere, and it was not only a great view out on the deck overlooking the river, BUT the food was made from scratch, and really good. It was really beautiful, and relaxing, and I'm continually amazed by all there is to do, this time in the park we discovered a really big museum behind the registration office, and the watersports were just getting going, not to mention the ice cream car that drives around the that's service! Now I'm home, gearing up for another week at work, and I'm not too excited about that, but at least I have a full week of memories to take with me.


Jimmy and Lydia said...

Very lovely! I'm a huge fan of walking on fallen logs across water!!! : )