Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lion Cake

...I think my baby diaper cakes are having baby diaper cakes because they sure have been passing through my house lately with increasing frequency. I threw this one together quickly for a coworker who has a shower this weekend, and just asked me to do this. I was surprised by how tough it was to find a lion. I could only find this big guy (after four stops), so I just made a two level cake so he could fit on top (and I could stay in the budget I was given). He's a cute lion, and if money were no option, it would be a pretty ferocious cake with another layer. I was rolling and tying diapers and thinking-I do some pretty weird things during the evening hours. I was also thinking I may need to get a 'diaper cake' label for the bottom of my post if I do many more of these. I know, the diaper cakes are getting old, they pop up as frequently as my cupcakes, but I figure any post is better than no post.


Blanton Family said...

I love the diaper cakes! They are so cute. Maybe someday I will need one again!