Thursday, March 19, 2009

What I Like About Cats...

I love that cats can't actually sit on the ground. I can drop a post-it note on the floor and Muffin will sit on the 3x3 square of paper as if she is on a throne. Tonight she was bathing on some flip flops I left out that are about two years old. I didn't tell her they were ancient b/c I could tell she obviously thought she had found a really special spot. But....of course, there is no way that she will sit anywhere you actually create for her. I can put down a pile of blankets, and she'll choose a coaster before she will do something I might want her to do. Don't even both with a cat bed. The only way I SOMETIMES get around this is to create a soft, kitty friendly spot and I say, "Muffin, no matter WHAT you do, don't sit here, no, no, no." It generally works, cats always like being told they can't be somewhere....and then going to that exact spot to remind you who is in charge.


Msheepers said...

He he

I know what you're talking about!