"Fryed" Ice Cream and The Faire

Sunday, April 05, 2009

How do you take a high calorie dessert and make it more deliciously, bad for you? Fry it. This Saturday was the opening day of Scarborough Faire, and I attended (in shorts in a t-shirt, no surprise, I'm not into 'acting,' but I've always enjoyed watching other's role play). I go for the fryed ice cream (I can't explain the spelling). My favorite 'outfit' this year was actually a tshirt a little toddler had on that said 'Dragon Bait.' I like that humor. It was a really pretty day to walk around the grounds, watch shows, and people watch. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the food and the activities were reasonably priced.


Jo said...

I had no idea the Faire started this early. I remember it in May or early June. I am so so envious you are wearing shorts. I still can't see the ground under the 4 inches of snow still glaring at me.

Christy said...

It has been so beautiful, but we can revisit this conversation in August, and I will be very jealous of you guys then. :O)