"You're the Only Tenn I Ssee"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My buddy Amber and I headed up to Tennessee last Thursday after work. We both had friends to visit in the Nashville/Clarksville area. We stopped about four hours away from our destination on Thursday night after a long day of driving (and coming up with corny travel jokes). I finished the drive Friday morning. We made one quick stop at the Casey Jones Village. You can pick up your Elvis memorabilia AND sample their candy counter treats all in one stop.
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So Maybe You Shouldn't Shop With Us, We Make Scenes

I dropped Amber off in Nashville to spend the weekend with a college friend. I thought this park (our meeting point) was pretty funny. 'The Parthenon'....I wonder who thought up this city planning concept?

I then headed to Clarksville to visit my pal, Regan. We spent the weekend catching up, hanging out, eating candy, scrapbooking, cooking, watching movies, and visiting downtown Clarksville for a festival they were hosting over the weekend: Rivers and Spires. There are a lot of rivers, and churches in the downtown area-go figure. We ate our way through the festival.

They also had wine vendors from TN wineries with samples you could try out. Regan's church was hosting the event, so she sampled, and I supervised. And there lies the difference between a Baptist and an Episcopalian. :O)

I also got a lesson in making bullets from her husband. We bonded. On Sunday I picked Amber up in Nashville (by the way, the drive from Clarksville to Nashville is very pretty), and I made the 13 hour trip (12 if you cut out the excursion to Nashville) in one long go.

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