Friday, June 26, 2009

Day Eight: Assisi

We made a short stop in the town of Assisi, Italy. The town is built within a fortress, and at the top of a VERY steep hill is St. Francis' Church, and it's beautiful frescoes which cover the ceilings and walls. No pictures are allowed inside the church in order to help the paintings retain their color.

St. Francis is the patron saint of animals. After climbing the steep hill, we entered the church. The first level is dark and haunting where services were being held, but after climbing (more) stairs you enter a much lighter, fresco filled chapel. We shopped around the town a bit as we descended the hill, and then headed on down the road.


Carrilee said...

Awesome recap!!! I hope you're back before I head to TX in early August so I can see more pictures and hear more stories. I'm so glad you're having such a memorable experience. Wish I was with you!!!