Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day Four: The Neatherlands/Holland

I'm still not clear on the name of this country, but....however you choose to say it....we made it to the Neatherlands/Holland. After passing the borderline for the country we passed some industrial areas, and then lots of sheeps, and windmills. I have a thing for windmills. I don't collect them, I'm just always so fascinated by them when we pass them on the roadside. This was my first experience with "European" windmills. I've enjoyed seeing the "Little House On the Prairie" type ones back home on long car rides. They were all over the road sides here, and so precious, with lots of sheep milling around.

They also have wind farms in a lot of the countries, but it's not quite the same to see those sleek white metal things churning away, they look like big airplane wings swirling around in circles to me, and you know how I feel about airplanes... Useful, but not 'cute.' There was also a lot of water, and bike riders riding up little one lane, dirt roads. It is a really charming country. We stayed at a hotel near the airport for the evening before heading into Amsterdam on day five.


Spreuken0.8 said...

It's the Netherlands.. Holland is the name of two of our provincies. Some of the most important busnesscities are in Zuid-/Noord-Holland. I guess that's the reason why they call The Netherlands Holland, but that's just totally incorrect ;)

Dutch greetings ;)

ps. i really like you blog!