Day Eleven/Twelve: Fluelen

Monday, June 29, 2009

We continued to drive through the Swiss Alps, and our drive included a drive through Europe's longest tunnel-17 KM through San Gottardo. When you arrive at the tunnel, you have to wait on a light that tells you to go forward. This helps control the traffic, and create a safer drive. Apparently, sometimes it takes hours of waiting for your turn to be up, but we made the transition from one side of the mountain to the next without any drama. We made it into Fluelen in the early evening, and the rain followed us into this next stop. Our hotel was another family run hotel. There were cows roaming the hills behind us, a train track that ran along the lake in front of us, and a bell tower that rang every fifteen minutes, and FOR about fifteen minutes at 6 am. It was a little bit noisier than some of the hotels, but the noises were much more appealing b/c they weren't city noises, and it was worth it for the view, and the experience. Mom and I went out, and walked down the lake for a ways, and then ate dinner with our group. We went back out to see if we could find the entrance to the bell tower at the top of the mountain overlooking the little town, and we were joined by some of the other gals we befriend on the trip. We did 'find' the next wave of rain, but no entrance. It was a quiet evening, and a quick stop.

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