Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Day Twelve/Thirteen: Lausanne, Switzerland

Our last stop in Switzerland was the town of Lausanne. The hotel we stayed in was very modern, and sleek. We didn't see much of the town, so...not many pictures, but....I feel like I have to say SOMETHING about where I spent a whole was comfy. This was another Novotel Hotel, let me say again, I really like this chain of hotels. It lacks the charm of some of the family run places, but sometimes, after enough stops, you crave a little TLC from a hotel with all the luxories, and not too many quirks. It was a good mix of hotels. We had a really great breakfast in the morning, and I got the last of my cheese fix. Cheese pretty much taste like it does at home....and then we headed on to the next, and final leg of our trip.