Yolanda's Lavender Cupcake Pops

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I am going to a birthday party tomorrow (today) for my friend, Yolanda, and these are what I decided to bring for my side dish. As I was working with the soft chocolate trying to bag up the pops, I'd like to make a note that the end of July is probably not the best time for these-period, but an outdoor Luau Party may DEFINITELY be interesting. I had to take a picture while they weren't one melting blob of chocolate. I debated going the traditional route (the pink cupcake pops from my Valentine's gift, via the instruction on Bakerella's blog for baking, and decorating these cute little pops), but wavered with a :gasp: new color idea. The store helped me make up my mind b/c there was no pink chocolate to be had anywhere, and I wasn't planning on hunting down each specialty shop for pink chocolate. A new color means-a new blog entry. Here they are wrapped. I used some scrapbooking supplies for the ribbon (I knew it was a multifunctional hobby).

I did have one LITTLE mishap that involved Max lifting his head onto the counters and eat some of my pops! Argh! There are multiple stages to make these guys, and some were on wax paper with the first coat of chocolate drying. It was not a happy moment for me. I debated on making more, but I decided to just stick with what I had....left. Here's hoping it's not the only dessert at the party!

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So pretty!