Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I'm sooooooo excited!!! Yesterday my Mom told me about this contest they were having in the Dallas Morning News, and suggested I try it out. People were asked to submit their photos over the three weeks the fair runs, and then a winner will be chosen by their staff each week. I retrieved my corny dog photo from the recycle bin on my desk top, and decided to give it a go (Fletcher's Corn Dogs are HUGE at the fair, in case you have never been, this is their birth place, and it's a 'big deal' to get one every year, so that helps with this selection, I'm sure). Today I was contacted by a reporter to tell me that I was chosen as this week's winner! You can go check out the other photos on There are more than fifty pages, and mine was on page 3 awhile ago, but they move as more are added, so the direct link is here:
If you scroll down on the main page on neighborsgo (under the ferris wheel photo, and the colorful boxes) my little guy is also the link to this photo contest. Go quickly b/c this is my fifteen minutes of fame! I'm sure he will be replaced soon, but he made me happy while it lasted!!!
You will see I have a really riveting interview snippet they posted under the announcement on my photo a second gal called for a little interview information (it's hard to believe-but true, I was speechless when she called and I stumbled through...well, everything).
I was contacted a third time, and the plan is to go to the newspaper on Friday. I pick up my prize-an i-pod shuffle nano. I 'get' my photo taken for the paper as well. The lady told me this picture, and my photo will run in all seventeen edition of the DMN, and online.....WHY DID I NOT STICK WITH MY DIET BETTER THIS SUMMER?!?!!? The last piece of this contest is that all three week's winners will then be judged by a 'Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer' and you win tons of computer stuff if you win that. I don't anticipate my corny dog vision will go too far, but it's exciting to dream, and be 1 out of 3. :O)


Maurine and Derek said...

That is so cool!! I love it keep us posted.

Msheepers said...

Congrats!! That's awesome!

Brian and Ella said...

congratulations!! that cute little corn dog is definitely a winner!! great photography, christy!