Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Last Person On Earth....

I can't stress enough how much I would have bet on me NOT liking the Twilight series. I am really, the last person on earth that would want to read a series about Vampires. I've never been into that whole world of fantasy. I love to read, I'm an avid reader, but I only read educational, motivational, and happy things. I don't watch sad, scary, or suspenseful movies. I only watch love stories, and musicals if there isn't too much drama, and you can guarantee there will be a happy ending. I turn the news off if it's too negative. I certainly don't like dark plots. I laughed when the gals I work with started telling me about the Twilight series. They have been talking about it for years now. Yes, it's in the "Young Adult" reading section, but as a reading specialist, it's not so unusual that people would want me to read a story from that 'area' of the's my 'job.' (I also know this series of books seems to be spanning all age groups.) It's a good job to have, and you'll find me in the children's area of Barnes and Noble almost as frequently as you will find me perusing the 'grown up' areas. There was just no way I was going to read that series. I knew I wouldn't like it. This summer, one more friend got 'hooked.' She begged me to read the series....I made her tell me about all four books, in detail, before I would commit to even starting a chapter (never one to wait for the end....or really, for any major part of the plot, I had to know it would end well).! I'm hooked! I don't know why, I don't know how. I want to say it's because my buddy enjoys them so much, and we've had fun discussing the stories (not your usual book club collection in my circle). They really aren't dark, it's a love story, with minimal blood ;o), and a hero from the Anne of Green Gables era (it's all coming full circle now as to why I might like them). It's hard to explain. Sure, it's weird, but it's also kind of refreshing. I can't figure out what it is that makes them so good-they are well written, and imaginative, but there aren't any spectucular series of similes, and metaphors I can pinpoint, but they certainly suck me in, and get me 'feeling' with the characters. They are also pretty wholesome....(this may take an 'in person' explanation), but it's great to think about as teens read them. I can't believe it-I like a vampire series. It'll be my first...and probably my last, but it was a surprise....even to me who thought I knew 'me' so well! I can't explain the craze, but I am part of it now.


Charles and Heidi said...

I am on your former page on the Twilight series, so I was happy to read your post and find that pigs can fly.. on occasion. So I am reminded once again that I should approach these new-fangled ideas with an open mind.

Let me say again, Christy.. how much I love your blog!!