Banana Ghost

Monday, October 26, 2009

I saw this in Family Fun Magazine (online, I stopped taking it, only because I was trying to be financially responsible, but it has the best ideas). I had left over chocolate from a few past projects, and there are always bananas in my house, and chocolate chips (I don't know why). They used popsicle sticks, but all I had were the sucker sticks something else I have in abundance at the house), it's the same idea. They were good, but I like the strawberry ghost best. In addition, you are supposed to freeze the banana for three hours before you melt the chocolate, and as soon as the chocolate hit the frozen banana is got solid, so it wasn't easy to smooth it out and make it look very good. I'm not that serious about this idea so I didn't try to correct that....but it's pretty fun to turn all these fruits into spooky treats just because I can.

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