Brownie Pops

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I had to have the brownie pop pan from Wilton when I saw the book of ideas (which I did not buy). The pops are just 'all right' tasting (maybe a little dry), but I'm sure I can use the mold for a ton of other edible ideas, including mini cakes or chocolates that I can decorate with the same cute ideas. I don't want to think too hard on it right now, or I'll never stop making (eating) desserts. I used left over icing to create these iced I had to do was bake the brownies. I'm sure I'll revisit it again someday, on to my next find.
Witch's Broom (The reason I wanted this mold so badly was the photo of these in the book.)
(I used the pretzel rods, and broke them in half, and stuck them in the still warm brownies. I used the star tip for the straw, and molded an orange slice for the ring.)

Ghost Couple


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