Family Matters

Saturday, October 10, 2009

This weekend my Mom and I drove over to Tyler (about two hours) to meet my Great Aunt, and Second Cousin for lunch at the Cracker Barrel (they came from Shreveport, another two hours). There is a story behind this impromptu trip, and a bigger lesson learned in the great amount of time between this visit, and prior visits (I've never even MET Elaine!). I hope we will apply this lesson about spending time together more frequently in the near future, which will hopefully also include my Aunt, and a few more of our cousins joining us for future, well-planned out lunches! It was a good chat, and my goal is to call my Great Aunt soon b/c she had so much great insight into my family history, which I always love to hear, and it's also fun to see a few more people with the family features, sure, I don't actually share any of these features, but at least I know where my cousin's get them. :O)

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