Just Wondering....

Friday, October 09, 2009
-Who's idea was it to let me loose in Michael's without supervision?
-Does anyone want a 8 year old lab that just ate the Petit Fours I set out to ice into little ghost-Martha Stewart Style (a project two years in the making (only because I never got around to it last year))? It looks like it'll be a project three years in the making b/c I just don't think I can bring myself to put the ghost together again (nor Humpty Dumpty while we are at it), but I will email a picture of them next year to you, and your new, old-dog.
-I knew sleep was overrated. I made three cakes last night, and I was so proud of getting it all done with a (sort of good attitude, minus one little "I wish this kitchen was bigger mini-whine) then put together the Petit Fours, minus the icing, and decided to be relatively responsible and head to be at 3 am (as responsible as I get about these sort of things), but then....no sleep came, and the ghost disappeared....spooky.
-Is there any reason I can't sleep until Sunday about 4? After trying to go to bed, my dog kept me up the rest of the night because she suffers from anxiety and was listening to the storms, which I would have been enjoying listening to if it weren't for aforementioned dog.
-Speaking of...first dog mentioned who ate my ghost also ate second dog's bottle of anxiety drops, sure, they didn't work, but there was hope with each little drop that went down second dog's throat that they might kick in at some point.
-Can you list 97 good reasons I don't need to buy all the sparkle tulle on the racks at Joanne's? I heart it to the 97th power.
-Do you know of any small children I can borrow to attempt to make a cupcake Halloween costume for because I saw it in the Pottery Barn ad, and I'm dying to try it, and I don't think it'll fit well on the dogs, but I also don't know if I can make it another year without making one....I...love....cupcakes....
-Can anyone think why it would be a good idea to buy brownie pop molds to make witch's brooms when I just scratched the ghost petit fours out of the to do list because of dog complications?

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