Mini Pumpkin Pies

Thursday, October 29, 2009 more.

I saw these on Bakerella's website a few weeks back, and I THOUGHT about waiting until Thanksgiving....I had all the ingrediants except for the cream cheese. I have to bring a few treats tomorrow for a Character Book Day at school. The 'winner' receives a bag of goodies that were also going to include some wand shaped cookies (made with the same mummy cookie dough)....except, oops, the handles broke off my was back to the drawing board, or rather the oven, and I pushed up this pumpkin pie trial. To be honest, they were easy to make, but I don't think the pumpkin cookie cutter is necessary (if you read's instructions, you will see that you cut out the pumpkin shape, then press it down into mini muffin cups, and trim off all the excess except for the stem. In the future, I'd just attach a little square for the stem). The pumpkin recipe was also just OK....that's probably my fault, I didn't let the cream cheese come to room temperature, so it's not mixed well. They taste all right, but it's not the best little pumpkin pie I've ever had (the only other mini-pie I had was this past weekend at tea, but it was much tastier, so bad timing on runner up's recipe). She also had some cute pumpkin faces piped out of chocolate, but....I'm tired, so....drizzley chocolate lines it is this go 'round. OK....maybe I'm done now....

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