Scary Skeletons

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

OK, so this isn't actually what I had in mind. In fact, today I made two projects (one is a Christmas project) that I did completely different than I expected, and it turned out completely different that my first projected goal. This posted project is a lot more morbid looking than I thought it was going to be. I actually planned to make Day of the Dead Skulls because I taught a unit about Latin American that included cultural celebrations, and I NEVER remembered to get a skull around Nov 1 to share (because this unit was not discussed until the spring, and we always looked at photos....I just wanted to see the real thing). Last year I saw Martha make one on 'the show,' and she even said where they can be ordered. After all those years of 'wishing' I'd remembered, I was really fixated on this idea of making my own! This year, I went online and ordered my very own, Day of the Dead skeleton mold (I know, very me, but still weird). I looked up recipes, I even saved various colors of icing for decorating, and the plan was to make some for friend's kiddos....but then....I read they weren't edible. WHAT? It's a sugar skull? Look, I just wasn't up for making an inedible treat for kid's this year. I thought about it, b/c I didn't want to do NOTHING. I bought some white chocolate, and filled the top half of the skull (it also has a backside, I could have made both halfs and used melted chocolate to glue them together, maybe even filled them with the candycorns, or to be a little more morbied, red candy, but....believe it or not, I'm no feeling that crafty tonight). It popped out really easily after I chilled it (it's still cold in the picture, thus the condensation on the skull and mold). Here's the mold, and skull when it first popped out. I'd post a link to where I bought them (all instructions are found on Martha), but can borrow mine, I probably won't be using it again for awhile. Someday....

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