On the Eleventh Day of Christmas-New Family

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wow! What a new, and different Christmas Eve! Yesterday we enjoyed the 72 degree weather with flipflops, and capris, and a rainstorm in full force. Today the temperature dropped, and some serious snow moved in! They said this is the most snow we have received on Christmas Eve/Day since they started keeping records, and it's only the 5th time it's EVER snowed here! That's pretty cool! The roads weren't too bad heading to the Christmas Eve service, but when we headed over to Holly's for our traditions family dinner, my car was sliding around, so I knew lights would be out this year. It was a little bittersweet. Finally-I'm living the White Christmas song, but it means letting go of a few Christmas traditions. As my Mom pointed out-we've done that every other year, so we will enjoy this for a change! Blythe was also the newest tradition to our little get together. She sat on her blanket, and chewed on things while we enjoyed dinner for the most part. Things have changed....for the better, and I know each year will be even more exciting with her in all our lives. It is such a sweet time to have everyone together for Christmas!

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