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Monday, January 18, 2010

visited 40 states (80%)
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I've been working on hitting all 50 states, and I'm down to 10, how about that?!? This summer, the plan is to visit 4 more of these. My Mom, Holly, and I have begun the planning process, but I thought I'd throw this out there, b/c I'm always asking people their opinions, advice, etc before heading places out of town...and in town. So, if you have any advice, here are a few places I'm researching, and questions I have, I thought I'd throw them out there into the world of the internet, see if I can rustle up some travel advice for anyone who has traveled these roads before.
*I've been to Branson, but I didn't go to any of the shows, do you have any advice for shows in Branson? A few people have told me about a family show called Presley (a variety show), and someone else told me about a 360 degree Noah's Ark show...?
*Have you ever been to Green County in WI? Monroe? New Glarus? I'm looking for a little swiss experience in the exotic land of Wisconsin, maybe a cheese tour or two, and Monroe is mentioned in 1,000 places, but I also saw a little town called new Glarus listed, but it's listed by their convention center, so....I'm looking for someone who has maybe BEEN to tell me where to stay/what to do. Wisconsin is new to me.
*Any Chicago tour recommendations? Don't miss pizza stops in Chicago? We will only be there one night, so....I'm packing the important 'stuff.'
*Any tips on what to do in Mackinaw Island? I'm hearing carriage rides, and fudge....I think that might can fill my day, but any tips are great!
*Another place in my 1,000 Book is Door Country Wisconsin. We wanted a pretty place to stay along the great lakes on the way from Mackinaw to St.Paul, and they mention this is a pretty area with lots of light houses, but it seems like a big 'area'....I'm hoping to pinpoint more of a 'spot.'
*We are also planning on heading to the Mall of America is St Paul, MN-so....there has to be a good way to do this in a day, any place else I can't miss?


Todd Klassy said...

I am from Green County and I can tell you the best places to go and what to experience. My favorite cheese factory is Chalet Cheese on County Highway N between Monticello and Monroe (not far from New Glarus). There is another quaint cheese factory at the intersection of N and C on the way.

Monroe is a bit staid and boring compared to New Glarus. Take the New Glarus Brewing Company tour, schedule dinner at the best restaurant in greater Madison...The Glarner Stube (order the prime rib or weiner schnitzel, and/or roesti potatoes as a side), visit the New Glarus Bakery, and Hoesly's Meats just outside of town on Highway 69. Lots of neat little shops in New Glarus, too. Polka dancing on Friday and Saturday nights @ the New Glarus Hotel (but the food isn't up to par with the Stube). Stay at the Chalet Landhaus Hotel. Good breakfast in the morning. Good dive bar is Kleeman's Pub (say hi to Muffin) and a nicer bar is Ott Haus. If you are in the area and have the time schedule an afternoon on State Street in Madison. The Milwaukee Art Museum is also the most beautiful architecture anywhere in the Midwest. Have fun!

Christy said...

Thanks! That's really helpful, and I'll definitely be taking your advice! I appreciate it. :O)

Thomas Family said...

I am planning on taking Derek on a cruise of Canada/New England next year, you should join us

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