Monday, February 15, 2010
I'm cheating on Texas with Oklahoma. I hope Texas doesn't find out, but I find I can't resist the pull north across the Red River. I've always loved Oklahoma, and I head that direction more often than I head any other direction along these Dallas interstates. If you ask me where I'm from-it's Texas. I'm 'from here' family has been in Texas for hundreds of years, my great grandparents +++ lived in Dallas almost as many years as it's been a thriving metropolis. I consider it a PRIVELEGE to be from this state. It's true. We even study Texas history two years in our history courses in school, and it seemed normal to me that we spent an equal share on Texas and United States history-I mean, it's TEXAS...kinda a big deal (if you are Texan, otherwise, it's probably just annoying). I'm obnoxious about it, I'm proud of it, and I feel a little sorry for people who just 'get here as soon as they can' and weren't born into the sisterhood (or brotherhood, or statehood...whatever). I have Oklahoma envy though-I think it's a beautiful place. I like the people. I like the pace of life. I like the state tax rate. I love the state park system. I love the prairie. The prairie doesn't overwhelm me like the beauty of some states, they sneak up on me as I'm look, and all the To my knowledge I have no family from Oklahoma, but I want some family from Oklahoma so I can visit, maybe spend summers there, I get off the entire month of July (minus one birthday celebration-I'd want to celebrate in Dallas-it's my hometown, afterall), maybe I could nanny for a month? Mow prairie grass (do people mow prairie grass)? Write travel brochures where I use the word 'beautiful' and 'super' and 'really good' to describe everything. I hope Texas can forgive me. I hope someone from Oklahoma will consider adopting me. I want to be a Texoklian.

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Charles and Heidi said...

I'm so happy that you have a love for the "OK" state. I have felt so sorry for them ever since they chose that unfortunate motto for their license plate a few years back. "Oklahoma is OK"... and we are fine with our mediocrity! So sad! But there are beautiful places in Oklahoma!!
Tulsa (Charles' hometown) is an especially pretty city.
I know his family would adopt you. Most of them are still there. Not sure about mowing the prairie grass but you could help feed the ducks on Grandpa's pond!!