S'Mores Cookies

Wednesday, February 03, 2010
I saw this recipe in the "Cookie Jar" section of Martha Stewart Food Magazine. I was recycling an issue from this summer, and I decided they looked interesting, and I had all the ingredients. In defense of the diet I've been on since I was eleven (I wonder what the problem is?), I didn't make them when I came across this recipe a few weeks back, but today---it was time for a chocolate dinner. It was one of those days. (Is there ever a day not appropriate for cookie dinners? I'll leave this deep thought for another blog entry).
Anyway, here are my cookie discoverings for the following recipe.(Yes, I purposefully use this inaccurate form of the word instead of discoveries, because it is fun for me to invent new verbiage. I'm thirty, all the real verbs are getting old. And yet...they still pay me to teach Language Arts...daily-your tax dollars, hard at work in public school.)
Just in case you too believe that cookies are a fine substitute for dinner, and happen to have a random bag of wheat flour you'd like to utilize, you can find the 'real' recipe, and a mighty lovely photograph here: http://www.marthastewart.com/recipe/smores-cookies.
There was a little rational side of me that decided to half the recipe-even 30 cookies was a little ridiculous for me. The only difficulty was halving an egg, but I just dumped it into a bowl, and pulled half out with a spoon. If I were Martha, I would have made a mini-omelet or something with the other half, but NOBODY has ever accused me of being Martha...because she's 'like' twice my age, puh-lease. I also used chocolate chips instead of little chocolate pieces. The effect was the same, and I had the chips (so 'Dave Ramsey' of me!). I know, such adventurous cooking expeditions...I live on the edge like that.
I'm sure the problem is me, but the dough was a little crumbly. I'm adding a picture of this in case I'm doing something you know about that I need to know about...could it be the butter was too soft? Or...

...perhaps I should have ground the oatmeal a little more completely? I was on the phone, the food processor was loud, and the conversation was exciting, so....ce la vie. Feel free to insert very knowledgeable cookie advice below. Cookie advice I listen to and take very seriously....relationships, jobs, and exercising advice....::puts hands over ears::. I was able to squish the dough into the balls described in the recipe (where there is a will, there is a way), but it still doesn't look as smooth as Martha's. Side note-the dough was delicious-very oatmeal tasting, so having to squish it with my hands was no problem-raw dough-I list it as a hobby.
The broiling, at the end, was surprisingly easy, and very exciting b/c the marshmallows had expanded to a really puffy level (puffy is a 'level' in my world). My verdict is that this is a pretty good cookie, but I'd probably just serve it warm, maybe to an audience of 7 year olds. Like all good S'Mores-they are best right out of the heat. A few hours later they looked a little pathetic. The cookie was a little chewy too after the fact, but I blame that on me-it's easier to blame it on me than Martha. It's probably that butter....again, more melted than softened. Disregard the overexposed front marshmallows, and imagine these cookies (below)...'cause they are all gone now, so that's as good as its gonna gets. You probably can spot them on my left hip tomorrow morning.

...and now...now you can sleep better having read my review of the S'More Cookie.


hjn said...

Oh Yeah !! These babies look so darn good!!! They are calling my name.........MAMA HOLLI<<<<<<<<

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