From Sun to Sleet

Sunday, March 21, 2010
My driving day started out beautiful. Sunny, and seventy. I headed east towards home.

These little wildflowers filled the swampy highways.

...and then....I started scoping out facebook on my phone. (I really tried an IPhone detox while I was away, but when I returned to the states a mere 4 days later, I found it was only temporary....and even without it I missed it dearly, and I never want to be parted again, I love my Iphone, and I don't care who knows it!). As I watched the post on facebook (not usually a pasttime of mine, the Iphone I love, facebook is usually something I visit once a day) from my North Texas friends...I also started seeing reports, and rants against the winter weather that had swept through town! "Sleet!? Snow!?" These are the words from the eye witnesses. What will I be returning to tomorrow?! If it weren't for my dogs, it would be a lot harder than this to head towards the end of my break, and the weather reports. I will live in la la land for a few more hours.
...the drive was beautiful, though I did start seeing some clouds move in from my hometown.
Just FYI: I find it necessary to stop at places that look like this on the side of the road.
(I also feel it is my personal responsibility to keep convenience stores in business through diet coke purchases, but we can talk about that later...or not.)

Look what I finally tried....

My opinion of boiled peanuts? Squishy, soft, wet. I just don't think this is what a peanut should stand for. I'll be leaving them in their boiling vat of friends next time. Now I know....and now you know what I know. Do what you will with it.

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