Fruit Stars...on a Stick

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I think the world is better when presented on a stick. I love sticks. I'm going to register for sticks some day when I get married...and raffia, and little cellophane bags for wrapping treats. I can't get enough of them...probably ever. Sooo...around Valentine's Day on some blog that was sharing something they had found on a blog etc etc etc I saw melons, and cantelopes cut out with small heart cookie cutters, and then 'threaded' on to popscicle sticks. I have a few fruits and veggies I'm taking down for the shower this weekend, and I decided I wanted to try this concept for presentation purposes....except I'd go with star shapes....because it's kinda cowgirl...if you use your imagination. (Which is just my way to not have to wait for the 4th of July, or....shudder a whole year for Valentine's Day to try out the heart idea). When I was at the store I saw the price of watermelon right now, and I got really scared, and nobody was there to hold my hand and tell me it was going to be OK, so I decided to go with grapes instead of watermelon this go round for a little color.

Conveniently, out of the 4 or 5 million cookie cutters that call my house home, I had a baby star cutter. (Wilton also sells mini star fondant cutters that would have worked, but I had one in a Christmas cookie cutter collection). Let me just note for those of us (and I mean, me) that maybe don't know much about messing with fruit (which says a lot for how much I obviously eat it in my diet) it was actually time consuming to do this....trying to slice the melon just the right width so that you could then punch the cookie cutter through, but not so thin the stick wouldn't slide through. I think I ended up going with about half an inch. I got the largest cantelope I could find, but the star's tips didn't fit completelly b/c I kept running into seeds, and 'skin'...if you are a perfectionist (and I gave that up about 3 minutes after I entered the world) this is probably not a good project for you because the stars won't be perfect. For me....I like the way they turned out, and I'd definitely do this again. Mostly...because it's a stick project....and I'll use any excuse to get to play with sticks. P.s I'm setting this to post later, but by the time this post, the shower will be in full swing. Yay for a fun weekend...I nap.

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