Question: What's Cuter Than Cruise Towel Animals?

Saturday, March 20, 2010
Answer: John Donovan

Please, meet the newest baby I have already fully devoted myself to spoiling.
I arrived back in Florida Thursday morning, and headed to the Tampa the reason all this traveling was planned to begin with (I often try to twist visits into vacations).
Upon arrival, the view out my hotel window included Spanish Moss, and lots of strange (to me) looking birds hanging out near this water source.

It also included this sign:

Toto, I don't think we are in Plano anymore....
Trust, me I have no desire to feed an alligator, nor do I have any desire to be food for an alligator, so I won't be getting close enough to bother one. Sign advisory, duly noted.
After settling in, I reunited with my pals Maurine and Derek, and the newest addition to their income tax form, and the cutest little guy I've ever squished this side of the Florida lines, and a few of the other state lines as well, I won't tell you how many. I'm not biased, just honest.

He was obviously completely overwhelmed to meet the person who is going to spoil him rotten for the next 8 to 48 years.

I would have loved him fussy, but I do have to say-we started the evening at Kobe's Hibachi Grill...not exactly a quiet place, and despite the banging, food trains moving across the flaming grill, and general chaos of catching up....this little guy has not acquired fears or stress, and did not react negatively to any of the surroundings. He chilled, watched the ceiling, let me cuddle him, let Mom and Dad eat around him, hung out in his chair, and solved the world's problems. This guy is laid back, and I think he's ruining us all, he's so easy to be with, so easy to love. We then headed over to the house, where I got to see his precious nursery (all documented on his family's blog) and spend more time pestering, and spoiling my new friend, and catching up with my 'old' friends. Fussy, he is NOT. Maurine and Derek are loving life as parents, and it's not hard to see how great that life is after an evening with Donovan.

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