Before and After-Alexis' Nursery Name Letters

Monday, April 19, 2010
I bought these letter's for one of the decorations at the baby shower I threw for Alexis' family a few weeks back.

I knew I'd paint them when I was done, and add those to the little gift basket I'm putting together when Alexis arrives in a few short weeks. Her nursery is a safari theme of mostly pinks and mochas. You can see some of the bedding in the photos of my personal account of the Cowgirl shower blog entry, but I'm not reposting it b/c there are also some foreign objects I don't want to give more time to that happen to be a rival to my alma mater. I also knew I wanted to do animal prints, and Laine, at work has a really precious set of these above her door that her sister, Taylor (also at work) made for her. I took a picture, but I won't post since it's her last name, and I don't know if that would be appreciated! I asked, and Taylor painted the sides black, then used scrapbook paper for the letters, and a coat of mod podge. They are c-u-t-e. I added brown to the sides of my letters and I really think it makes them pop out more, clever Taylor. I googled animal prints since there aren't a plethora of pink and mocha print patterns out in the scrapbook store (if only...), and tried to come up with a different print for each letter, not using anything but the two colors...I began to attempt painting animal prints. This is my first attempt at painting animal furs/skins...whatever....I guess I've lost my shot at ever being a member of PETA with this sort of promotion/passion for the prints. I can live with these letters, even the snake skin's hoping Alexis feels the same way! Ribbon to be added upon arrival, and parental approval (bows are a 'sometimes' thing for Carla (mom), so I'm double checking before I attach them). :O)


Sarah @ Sugar Bananas said...

Love the pink/mocha animal prints. You did a great job - these are beautiful! I just made a baby name gift, too.

Thanks for posting this cute idea.

~Sarah @ Sugar Bananas!

Brianna! said...

fantastic and creative!


Crafty Mommy Diva said...

Those are so adorable! Sorry that the thumbnail linky isn't working for you on Scrappy Saturdays. Thanks for letting me know. He said there's a couple kinks with it. I know I tried on someone else's and it wouldn't work the first time so I picked a different picture and it worked.

Ella said...

very cute!!