Gone Fishin'....or A How To on Stink Bait Fishing

Saturday, April 03, 2010
Alternative Title: ...from glitter to gumdrops to fish guts.

Because I am my brother's favorite (only) sister, I went fishing with him today. Jason is an AVID fisher. He loves it. Fly fishing, rivers, lakes, oceans, ponds, bait, lures, alone, with friends, with his younger sister. He has always loved fishing. By the time I was six I was no longer allowed access to Saturday morning cartoons because my brother had taken over the TV, and things like 'guided fishing' shows played on Saturday morning. Our next family therapy session will include topics, such as: I was denied 'Care Bear Stares' on Saturday morning-where my wonder years lost their wonder, and I blame you for this...too...
In addition to that list, family vacations were spent in the great outdoors, where I protested, loudly being denied the luxury of a hotel room, malls, and the phone. Even JAILS allow a phone call or two!
I grew up (a little), and now the outdoors is a place I enjoy....because cell phones are portable.
I also like fishing, I'm a social fisher. I can bait a hook. I can (sort of) set a pole up. I can throw a line. I can even pull a fish off a line, but I prefer not to do the last, and when I do....I want gloves, and prayer, and someone to knock me out so I can forget it as soon as I'm finished.
This afternoon we headed out to a state park that's about an hour NE of Plano (Bonham State Park). It has a really small lake, but it's the closest of the State Parks, and you can fish without a license in Texas State Parks (I don't have a license, Jason has multiple state fishing licenses).

It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Jason brought along five poles (though apparently you aren't supposed to call fly rodes 'fly poles'....live and learn). I brought the one pole he bought for me about a year ago when I admired it at Bass Pro Shop. This is my set up.

I do this sort of stuff to drive Jason crazy. It's my job. In my defense, the dog is his. I also have a pink tackle box, but I told him I am only putting pretty tackle in my box. So far I have smiley face bobbers, but they are too cute to use, so over time, it's become a craft supply box. I just use one of Jason's fifteen tackle boxes for my 'supplies.' He acquires fishing supplies like I do crafts. I am eying a pink frog in his tackle box. I'm going to give it a name or something so he will reject it, I think it's going to be mine soon.
I also like to sort through Jason's tackle and ask question, inquiring minds need to know. Here are my 'learnings' from today.
Jason came back in from wading, and casting (with a five foot water moccasin :shudder: hanging out in the grasses nearby) and changed out the yellow, stringy, buggy, looking thingy for one of these green worms with legs:

Me: Your worm look like a lizard.
Jason: They are, the lizard is the bass' enemy.
Me: Why?
Jason: They eat their eggs.
Me: It's a good thing the worm looks like a lizard then, that should trick them.
:Jason turns and wades back out to be with the water moccasin.:
I also asked about the purpose for the red hooks.

He said he just got them because they were different. Sounds pointless, the exact sort of purchase I would have made, I guess he is my brother afterall.
Next up, I learned how to fish with stink bait. It's stinks. Catfish like it. Catfish would.
Here are my 'learnings.'
You need:

Stink(y) Bait(made of guts and hair so it's really 'clingy'), a three prong hook (for all the guts, and hair to 'cling to'), and pliers....because you don't want to touch it. Apparently only gasoline gets the stink out of your hands....or maybe it is the only thing strong enough to mask the scent? Whatever...I didn't test the theory.

Take your pliers, and push your hook down into the bait, and then pull it out...all the hair and guts will catch on the prongs for ya.
And then:

You have a stink(y) bait(ed) hook. I also learned it doesn't really matter if you get it cast our very far, the smell should attract the fish for quite a distance.
Bait goes in:

Wait for it....wait for it...:

22 3/4 inches, and 6-7 pounds later. Lookie, what I caught? This is my personal record. I should also say that I was joking around taking pictures of putting the stink bait on, but it's not so funny when it works. Once. Once is all I need for a little bragging rights. As soon as the fish came up I knew I'd post my how to (insert laughter, like I know what I'm doing).

He swallowed the hook. Looks like Jason's going to need to get this one for me. Like I was getting anywhere near those fins. Apparently catfish are also known for swallowing hooks, therefore, setting the hook isn't as necessary because they don't usually get away. Let's just pretend like it was my mad fishing skills, and not the stupidity of the fish, OK?
This will be twice this size by the next time I tell the story:

Please notice Peanut (on a fish stringer my brother rigged up so he had more running room) biting my fish's tail...also on a stringer.
When I caught this guy...girl(?)-I was a little excited. I screamed. I jumped up and down. I scared all the other fish away, and no more catfish were caught, but....

Jason did catch quite a few bass in the direction my screams probably directed the fish traffic...I'm here to serve.
By the way, no bass were harmed in the making of this blog entry. My brother prefers catfish...

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