Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A Chalkboard T-Shirt

My friend Jo told me about this project idea....because she's brilliant, and she knows me well....very well. I'm sort of a fan of chalkboard stuff (refer to ever other project to verify that statement). As SOON as I saw these shirts for sale at the link she provided, I needed to know how it worked, and how I could make 1 or 14 of my own....yesterday.
I was all prepared to get out my can of spray was actually already out....more on that in August (truly, I set that post to post in August so the spray can police wouldn't come get me), but I realized this project was made with chalkboard fabric!!!!
Ummmm....chalkboard fabric?!?! I am CERTAIN this is a regular fabric dressing option in heaven. Is there anything more fabulous than chalkboard anything? Is there any reason I am teaching in the year 2010, and not 1950 when I could have been one with the chalkboard? P.s. When I see those shows where people have to write the "I will not..." statements over and over on the board....I think....I would have been so very bad in school if this was a consequence b/c I would have loved it.
I googled the chalkboard fabric first, and sure enough, there are lots of sites where you can buy chalkboard fabric online (ranging from 7-9 dollars a yard).
I then went to JoAnne's, just to check the status of their hipness before paying shipping. Guess what? They carried chalkboard fabric, and I got to use a coupon!
I bought the fabric, and a green shirt for my friend John Ross who I'll be visiting in a month or so. I decided to go with a basic shape....the star.
I printed out a star after a quick google search and used this as my pattern.

I cut out my star, pinned it down to the shirt (I usually iron down things like this using an adhesive sheet, but I wasn't sure the chalkboard fabric could take the heat, no instructions were included). I then sewed the star down.

The only instructions provided said to rub chalk all over the fabric before writing on it (you repeat this each time you wash it). So...I did. I then wrote John Ross' name....because he will be getting this first shirt.

I bought some chalk to stick in with my bag, and I found a mini eraser at the teacher store down the road (they sell all sorts of doo dads like this in buckets, it's unnecessary, but cute!).
I have enough fabric to make at least 5 more shirts, and I have no doubt I will because I love this project! Thanks again, Jo, for the head's up. Keep 'em coming. :O)
Now....I'm off to go find a time machine and teach in the 50's with a chalkboard as my backdrop. What? I can't keep my salary? I have to wear pantyhose? Nevermind. I'll just pack my can of chalkboard spray paint and take it up to work with me. One good swipe and that white board (soon to be smart board) will be a thing of the past.
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Lori said...

I have created a chalkboard paint monster. But a very cute one you are. And the cutest ideas ever!

Erin Wallace said...

This is a really cool project! I am following you back! Thanks for visiting my blog!

xo Erin

A* said...

This T is really cool!

I lament the demise of chalkboards too. My son's school has all interactive whiteboards, what is cool is that they put the old chalkboards on the outside walls and the kids have chalk out at playtimes and draw on them! awesome!

erin said...

What a fun idea! I am glad you found my blog - so now I could find you! I became a follower. :)

greenbean said...

omg...are you kidding me?...chalkboard fabric?...i have an addiction to chalkboard paint!...only draw back for me...i don't sew!...this project freaking rocks!... said...

This is such a super cute idea!! Love it!

Thanks for linking up to my Pajama Party! Please join me next week again =)


Allison Shops said...

How cute!
Dropping by from Met Monday, 18ft island kitchen.


Michelle L. said...

This is great, you make it looks like an easy project, even for a non-sewer like me. I'm gonna try it!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

This is a truly wonderful transformation. So creative and clever!

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

Awesome idea!! Thanks!

Stephanie Lynn said...

Super cute - What a fabulous idea! Love the chalkboard paint but never thought to use on clothing - genius! Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase! I greatly appreciate it! Hope you have a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

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