Oranges, Mums, and Other Stories from the Grove

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Because I'm feeling lazy.
Because I had some mums left over from an arrangement I took to a friend.
Because I had a big orange left over from good intentions of eating healthy I didn't follow through with.
Because I've always wanted to make an arrangement with daisies in a jar filled with lemon slices.
I made an orange slice filled mum bouquet instead.
It was free.
I had some free time.
Also known as 'summer vacation.'
I actually bought a smaller, squat vase one time, and another slightly smaller vase of the same height to slip inside it so I could slide the orange slices down the sides outside, and place the flowers within the middle vase. I couldn't find that.
Instead, I took out a vase I had left over from an arrangement I received back in the day I used to receive flower arrangements. The 'used to' portion of that statement is best left for a 'different sort of blog.'
Usually I abuse my flowers, but this time I just chopped off the stems and slipped them down inside.
The orange slices slid down easily, and stayed nicely in place with the stems pushing them towards the wall of the vase.
(Side note, my friend's daughter wanted a 'cheaper' arrangement for her (orange and plum) wedding table centerpieces, and they bought large fish bowl vases at half off from the craft store, and floated orange slices and candles, very affordable idea, very pretty.)
I like the look of these sort of arrangements, and definitely think this could be perfected in 'real life' with some 'real effort,' perhaps in a mason jar...with, you know, lemons and daisies? I've seen it many times, and I always wondered how the fruit and flower combo would go.
Now I know.
Orange you glad I shared?
Hardy har har.
...and for putting up with's an arrangement with some sunflowers I put together for a friend in the hospital, but wouldn't sunflowers and oranges be a nice combo?

I should remember that for next time, but I don't have to remember it now....b/c now it's here for me to refer to....and the likely hood of me looking for ideas from 'me' later in life is exactly zero, but I COULD refer to it if I wanted to, and that's what matters.


Lori said...

Never can have enough flowers. Don't they just make you smile....

S and family said...

So summery! I love it!