Thursday, July 15, 2010

S'Mores On-A-Stick

S'Mores are God's gift to summer. God has many summer gifts, but I'm pretty sure He inspired the inventer of the S'more. Nothing that fabulous could be anything but....right?
I also happen to love chocolate dipped marshmallows. This is another precious idea I saw on Cheeky Kitchen's site. She served her's in empty glass bottled drinnks, and added crushed oreos to look like 'burnt' ends instead of graham crackers. It was cute, but if I had oreos on hand, I would have eaten them three minutes before I started even melting the chocolate. Never....EVER trust me with a bag of oreos. Or an aisle with oreos....or a city that once carried oreos in their grocery story...or....I think you get my point...
I had everything for this project, and a sweet tooth to conquer...and a need to spend time with sticks. I like sticks more than any of my dogs do....I'm just sayin'....
I melted some chocolate, dipped the marshmallows, rolled the top in graham crackers, chilled, and then ate....them two days.
It would have been fun to share these on a campout, or a summer themed party, but really....that sweet tooth can't be quieted when she comes callin.' I pretend they are healthy b/c marshmallows are fat's, like, white air or something, and chocolate is practically a vegetable coming from the cocoa bean and all...and the graham crackers don't even count b/c it's only some crushed up crumbs. Puh-lease.
My next blog entry will be on the "The Food Pyramid....according to Christy." Stay tuned, you could learn in....where America went wrong...but still...somethin'!


becca said...

those look delish! s'mores are my husband's fav dessert.

Erin said...

One word...YUMMY! They look great!