Star Spangled Strawberries

Friday, June 18, 2010

I saw this idea on food tv, compliments of Rachel Ray a year or so back, and I filed it away for the next time I
A) Had Strawberries and
B) The 4th was approaching.
OK, so the 4th of July is just a little under a month away, but completing this project allowed me to
A) Get it out of my head, and into my hands and
B) Eat a chocolate covered strawberry....or three.
I think it's sort of self explanatory, but....I never know who or what I'll be a year from now, so...
Self...if you forget, this is what you did:
1. Melt some white chocolate.
2. Dip your (cleaned) strawberry into the melted chocolate.
3. Dip your (not dry yet) chocolate covered strawberry into sprinkles, leave some white chocolate showing to get the red, white, and blue action.
I used an Easter egg half to hold the sprinkles so that I could swirl the strawberry around, it gave me a deeper pool of sprinkles to dip in (without having to load a ton of sprinkles in a bowl) so that I could make the even line closer to the opposed to sprinkling the sprinkles. Plus, it allowed the Easter eggs to meet the 4th of July fruits, and they all lived happily ever after, one giant family of holidays.


Sinful Southern Sweets said...

Now these are just too cute!!

Lori said...

How easy is that and now we all have the know how for the 4th.

Jo said...

This is a silly question but I have a jar of marshmallow cream prancing around in my now organized kitchen. Would it work? I hate for it to somehow only get used to decorate a spoon for a few moments.

Christy said...

Jo-I font think it would go in smooth enough to be able to dip an even blue sprinkle line, but you could dip them and sprinkle them with blue sprnkles, or put the fluff in a bowl, smooth it flat, make a star cut out in the middle of paper, lay it over the fluff and sprinkle the cutout so you have a star shaped sprinkle, then add the strawberries (and maybe some chocolate chips) around the edge for dipping. P.s. The best fudge Ive made also uses fluff, not quite the same concept. (Please forgive my run on, I'm typng this from my phone and pretending that's a good excuse.

Renee said...

These are so cute...thanks for sharing!

Erin said...

How cute are these!!!

I have given you the Beautiful Blog Award. Go to
to check it out!


Peggy said...

What a cute idea! I am so addicted to your blog & now have a looong list of time fun...stuff I HAVE to do now, thanks to you! ;o)

Jilly Beanz Thingz said...

I love the look of these. Just imagine the faces when you bring them to a party! My 2 yr old would gobble these down.

Sarah @HarriganHowdy said...

Just saw these! Love them.

Laura @ Laura's Crafty Life said...

These are perfect for the 4th!