Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Road Trip 2010: Chicago, Illinois Part Two

The second day in Chicago could NOT have been more beautiful, and if I had to pick which day I wanted to be sunny, this is the one. We planned an architecture boat tour for the morning after a quick swing though nearby Navy Pier. We chose the boat tour that was a little more expensive (but 30 minutes longer and is presented by the Chicago Historical Society).

It had the best write up and reviews. Did I mention the weather was beautiful? It made all the difference. I know nothing about architecture, but I know that Chicago has the most amazing assembly of modern buildings I’ve ever seen in one spot...along a river and Great Lake that provide some really incredible opportunities for the city!! My Mom's friend suggested this trip, and said not to leave town without it. I always take (good) advice from people that have traveled the roads before me. I can't do it justice with words. There is so much history, and a story behind each building, so I'm just going to throw up a few of (the hundred) pictures I took and let them speak for themselves. I have more I'll link to a slideshow.

Last summer, while visiting Europe, I was fortunate enough to see the moldings, gold ornate features, and incredible details the historic builders contributed. Chicago has a new medium, and it's home of the first (of many) sky scrapers. It's amazing what a little physics can do when constructing incredible landmarks.
Before I leave Illinois....I have to tell you by the time this post, I will have consumed somewhere between one to 10 ears of corn b/c now I really....really....really want some after driving through hours....and hours....and hours of this.

It's that or start (fine, finish) my Christmas shopping because I also spent about 16 hours singing the 'corn cob' pipe line in Frosty after seeing these.

I doubt that is what the architecture had in mind, but I'm sorry, it's just who I am, and what I saw with the eyes God gave me.
P.s. I've never heard anyone say they don't like Chicago. I get it. I saw a lot in the whirlwind that was my stay, there is so much left to explore. I've got a date with Chicago for the future, and I'm gonna let the city show me a little more about what it's got to offer b/c I like what I see so far! My friends gave me so much great advice....I could never have accomplished it all in this short amount of time, but I HAVE filed it all away on a 'someday (soon) list!