Monday, July 26, 2010

The BEST Party I Ever Threw....No Competition

Once Upon a Time I threw a Surprise Shower

...for no reason, just because I could, and just because I needed a good laugh, and just because my friend needed a good prank pulled on her.
Let me say this. I have a really off brand of humor. I also like to pick on people, in fun ways. My friend Terry is LOUD, and she's a diva. I'm not saying anything she doesn't know, or shout to the rooftops. We hosted a lot of showers over the last few years together, and she started planning the shower she 'deserved' as a thank you(she's married and then some, so this doesn't make sense, but she kept saying she wanted one). I decided it was time to make her 'dream' come true, Christy-Style.
Welcome to The Tackiest Shower Ever Thrown...
Let me also say-separate, some of these things might be things we'd all happily use, but together for a party, I think the picture we made really created a lovely atmosphere. I told some of my pals at work my 'vision' and they all helped add ideas and piece these...umm....slightly tacky, but, oh-so-Terry, details together.

I went green and used some recycled paper for the banner.

Every guest (wearing special outfits) were asked to sign in...

A feathered pen, a measuring cup Santa bouquet, and dead rose petals scattered on the table...that's right, we care enough to bring the very best.
Our music teacher made a mix of music. Classics, such as "Achy Breaky Heart" played in the background...

We had A streamer of crepe paper strung across the room, held up by duct tape, and one or two half blown up balloons.
Each table was decorated with a special theme. I don't know what the theme was, but it was special.
From Easter grass, a large plastic lobsters..and a poinsettia tablecloth...

...bubbles, ashtrays (Nothing against the just isn't something you find at a shower. I still don't know how Zee had so many of these when she doesn't smoke....?!?!?), microwaveable lunch dishes filled with (more) Easter grass, and sequined pears, and after dinner mints. I have no words for the tablecloth as the backdrop for this loveliness....well, maybe one: gag.

Christmas M&M's (it was May), more ashtrays (they go nicely in the school lounge), hand cream, and just a collage of Christmas beauty.

The food table was a true thing of beauty. I should add, Terry is our PE teacher and super healthy. She fills her meals with salads, veggies, flax seed, protein shakes etc. Everyone brought a 'dish.' It had to be off brand, it had to be unhealthy.
For instance, Diet Dr. Thunder (instead of Dr. Pepper) with these little animal drink tags hanging off the sides.

Pizza Pockets

Soft Mints...just because they are a staple at every shower. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan. I want them at all my showers....except I'm never going to have a shower if these ladies are invited b/c payback is too scary.

Chips, Dips, Cheese and Crackers, and Cheese Poofs (not Puffs).

(Cheez Whiz was popular, as were these left over crackers from salad bars we visited over the month before hosting this little get together.)
Every good party has cake....
We retrieved this 5th of a cake from a previous party. Someone had tossed it in the garbage at some point earlier that day. We jazzed it up with plastic treasures. Nobody was willing to eat a slice. Maybe if we had served something other than Dr. Thunder....

I also thought these moon pies were a nice touch.

Because I'm a master moonpie decorator-I used a can of icing, and a ziplock to decorate these moon pies with little words of wisdom: "Calorie Count", "Where moon pies fall on the food pyramid." "You're #2 etc."
Here's the whole spread.

Everyone was asked to bring a gift, recycled was best, but Dollar General prices was the maximum amount anyone could spend. Terry was redoing her kitchen at the time, so a lot of people wanted to bring things she could use in her new environment. (I should also say-Terry's home was on the Parade of Homes last year, so....imagine our jewels in her environment.)
Two people brought Corn on the Cob holders...

Everyone was asked to attach a card, but only a recycled cards.

We tore off the fronts of old cards (Thank You cards, Christmas cards etc) we found in our desk piles. We crossed off the messages and wrote new messages. In this picture you also see a pizza cutter bouquet.

These are some kotex packages left over from a growth and development class. Don't worry, the nurse got them back, no tax dollars were harmed in the making of this shower.
Monogramed Serving Utensils

The spatula was 'short' for 'short' people...Terry doesn't hit much more than 5 foot on any measuring device I've ever seen.
A Towel Set

As a crafter, I truly appreciate the silver puff paint that was added to the 'vintage' ribbon.
I am so sad I forgot to photograph my gift. Imagine with me. I took some free, black plastic tongues from a Jason's Deli delivery tray, and I hotglued colorful pom poms down one side, ending with two googlie eyes. I thought she could use this caterpillared tongue set as an ice pick. I then puff painted (in glittery silver) "Ice, Ice, Baby" down the opposite side. It was a thing of beauty.
P.s. Terry promised to have us over for a dinner party and use all our treasures, but I've YET to get that invite....I guess she's waiting for her order of arsenic to come in before she sets a date.
All good parties end with a little something to remember the occasion. Here are my favors. That's right, personalized hotel a bed pan.

Perhaps the thing that should be most worrisome is that finding these treasures to throw this party wasn't a problem...
And the last thing I have to share is the Thank You Terry send each guest....on paper plates.

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"S" and family said...

LOL! I can imagine how much fun everybody had throwing this shower. What a great idea...and what a great way to use up all that weird stuff teachers tend to collect (hotel soaps, for one).
This was a joy to read; thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

OMG! That is hilarious!
Looks like you guys had a great time!

~Alison~ said...

Great post! What fun!
When I worked we threw a lot of parties. For a small office, we had a lot of parties!

Something like this would have been a lot of fun!

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Too funny, I think the hotel soap favors really did me in! Love that she replied on paper plates. Sounds like everyone you know has an awesome sense of humor and this is one shower no one is going to forget...ever!

Peggy said...

That is awesome! My favorite is the garbage cake. ;o)

tt.scraps said...

I literally thought I'd pee my pants....this is awesome! What a great group you work with!!!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!