Saturday, July 03, 2010

July 4th Ice Cream Idea

Look....a break from the heat...or rather the chill of beautiful Edward Cullen that has taken over this blog (don't worry, I'm not a long shot). I think it's important for me to pause in the madness that is Twilight and post a small July 4th idea.
Next year....I'll do it up in grand fashion...assuming there are no Twilight releases four days prior to the festivities.
This year....just a few ideas to share.
This is an easy one I saw on the site b4tea and decided to try. I actually dipped this sandwich June 1st in the midst of other melted chocolate fun, but I dated the post to pop up later.
I think this sandwich would be fun with a bunch of sister sandwiches served along side it. I like the idea of keeping the bottom paper on for 'gripping.' I'm a full service blogger, so I taste tested this as well, and I'm a fan of the chocolate dipped ice cream sandwich.
I think it's pretty self explanatory, but I just dipped the edge of half unwrapped sandwich in melted white chocolate, and quickly sprinkled (since the frozen sandwich made the chocolate harden almost instantly).