Twilight: Candy Bar

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Somebody I know is a little obsessed with candy bars. She also owns enough apothecary jars to open a pharmacy, and speaks in third person when she is feeling particularly obnoxious.
Because I'm a good example, I thought it was a good idea to encourage the Twilight party goers to sneak bags of candy in their purse to the movie. I in the car on the way to the movie, I'm, like, 99% (not) sure that we didn't sneak candy into the movie. On to the candy selections...
Yes, I've seen this idea at other parties, but I can't get over candy bars....ever, and I'm not going to start now. Let me just say that if you know Twilight, you'll 'get' the symbolism behind each candy selection...if you don't, your opinion of me is probably the same.
The most important candy on the bar...
Edward's Cool Kisses-York Peppermint Patties (If you don't know...vampires are cold.)

(I saw this on several parties featured at Tara's Twilight Blog, I don't know where the thought originated, just that it's not mine).
Emmett's Bear Bites-Gummy Bears (Emmett likes to eat bears, read the book to find out why.)

(Another idea-origin unknown, but appreciated.)
Quileute Puppy Chow-Chex Mix(They're a wolf pack.)

Bella's Twisted Heart-Pillow Mints (She's torn between two boys...puh-lease, as if there was ever a doubt).

Alice's Pixie Sticks-Pixie Sticks (She's a tiny little ball of energy).

The pixie sticks were Heather's clever idea! Love it.
Jacob's Hot Kisses-Hot Tamales (Jacob's 'wolf' temperature runs high, it's important in this particular book, but it is not, I repeat it is NOT because he is "hot" in the alternative use of the word, I speak of thermal degrees only.)

Vulturis' Dinner Delights (These are not nice vampires, they drink people blood.)

The bar also included little popcorn bags to fill with candy, and a little frame that looks like a film strip I got at Michael's. I filled it with scenes from the movie and some profound message like, "Fill a bag with candy for the movie so my dentist doesn't hate me." Fine, it said this....

And here's the only trick I have up my sleeve for this little post. Sometimes, when I am filling a jar with more expensive candy, or candy that goes a loooong way, and I don't want to have to will it to my grandkids someday....I put a clear cup in the middle of the jar and fill the candy in around the cup.

Less candy=less money=less left overs=less upset grandkids with 70 year old candy I refused to get rid of b/c I spent too much money on it in the first place to let it go to waste.


Anji* said...

This is so fun! I love all the effort you put into all the little movie references!

JENNIFER ♥ said...


Jocelyn said...

such a cute how it all tied in to the movie/book.

Lori said...

Fun, I thought about you today. Driving through Louisiana for a freinds son's wedding. So many cute shops I could have stopped at, but my air conditioning in my car went out and I was trying to get to Alexandria to get it to a mechanic.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Love the details. Great idea for the plastic cup to fill some space in the jars.