Barbed Wire and Sun Flower Wreath

Friday, August 27, 2010
I've been a little bit obsessed with wreaths the last few weeks.  I've seen them popping up all over the net in all shapes and sizes, which makes me that much more obsessed.  I already have a ton of wreaths in my garage waiting for their seasonal debut, but...August didn't have his own wreath!  I saw this ginormous wreath at a lavender farm a few months back with a whole bouquet of purple and orange flowers attached to a roll of barbed wire.  I loved the idea of using rusty barbed wire as a 'wreath' base.  I'm sure anyone that lives 5 miles outside of a major city can find miles of free, rusty barbed wire, but after a pretty extensive search through antique stores, and pondering the pros and cons of of slicing some off a nearby farm (kidding!), I decided to do the only thing I knew how to do to acquire rusty barbed wire....I ebayed it.  I found 20 feet, and the good news it was .99 cents!  The bad news is it was more than 10 times that for shipping, which I didn't notice.  Ooops!  The reason given was that 'rolling' the barbed wire from the seller's grandfather's farm in SD was labor intensive.  Oh well, I got my wire, and learned a lesson-check the shipping.  20 feet of wire wasn't as much as I thought, and after playing around with a few ideas, I took a leap outside of my comfort zone, and I went simple with just a few precious sunflowers I snagged at a boutique, and this ribbon from Hobby Lobby....which brings me to a non-related wreath matter....did you know you can pull the Hobby Lobby coupon up on your iphone and they will scan it and give you the discount as if you had brought in your weekly ad with the attached coupon?  As if I wasn't enough of a Hobby Lobby shopping monster!
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~Alison~ said...

Great wreath! Love the barbed wire with the sunflowers!

I have a barbed wire star that I've had since my teens. My dad saw it and knew I liked stars and gave it to me for Valentine's day! It's in storage right now, I'm wanting to dig it out though after seeing your wreath!

Lori said...

Cool that hob lob will let you pull up the coupon on your phones.

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Love the wreath but the whole Hobby Lobby on the phone thing is just one more reason I need that phone!

Roger said...

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Narayana Nukala said...

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