Fall Subway Sign

Saturday, September 18, 2010
I'm completely aware of the fact that these Subway Art Signs are all over the net right now and it's not exactly innovative for me to post one too, but I could not live one more day without making one of my own.  It's wobbly, and messy, and photographing it at an angle didn't help the cause, but I think it'll be cute amongst some pumpkins on my porch this fall, and I feel a raffia bow coming on.... 
I'll get back to crafting fun, innovative, and life altering things tomorrow (or not), but I needed to do this so I could be like everyone else.  I used my cricut, and cut out my favorite fall words. 
Then I just held the templates in place and painted (or rather, dabbed with a foam paint brush).  I randomly placed all the words down with no plan, and I'm OK with that.  Every day I strive for imperfection, and EVERY DAY I reach my goal.  Go, Me!
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Kelli said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I, too, love these Subway Art Signs, and am impatiently awaiting the day I make my own (I've been prepping it, but am scared...isn't that silly!?). Yours looks great!!!

Alison said...

Your subway sign is awesome!

I've been wanting to make one my daughter's playroom (all girlie words) for a while but I don't have a cricut! :( Love the idea of your autumn sign, too!

Anonymous said...

Your sign looks great. I have jumped on the Subway art wagon also! I had borrowed my Sisters Cricket and cut out the lettering and Mod Podged it on.

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

love this! I want to make one for Halloween..you've given me the push!

Jen said...

love the fall subway art...I've always wanted to make my own but you know how it is..so many projects so little time!
And congrats on making the top 10 over at the csi project!!

Kerri said...

Your subway sign looks GREAT! I've been wanting to try one too...maybe I will add it to my LIST of things I always see others making and I want to try!